"August newsletter said to let you know if we had any questions, complaints or compliments. Question: how can you stand being so good? Complaint: I think you enjoy making other seed companies look bad by comparison. Okay, enough joking around. Just thought I'd take this opportunity to say how much I enjoy carrying B. I. seeds in my store. The packages look upscale and classy without being priced upscale and classy. The information is great, too. If I have any real complaint, it's that the information being on the inside of the packet means that I've had to sneak open more than one just to educate myself so i can answer my customer's questions intelligently."

Bonnie Pega The Great Big Green House and Nursery Richmond, Virginia

"Thank you so much for the easy way to re-order. I can really appreciate a business that I know cares about their customers. I am proud to carry Botanical Interests seeds!

Sherri, Grays Flower Garden

"This year I have decided to buy the bulk of my seeds from you, for my cut flower farm. Your germination rate is very high and there are more than plenty of seeds in one packet. Last year, when I had failure with other growers' seed, I bought yours to replace them. And all was well. Between your seeds and a high qulaity soil mix, every gardener should have great success with a bounty of flowers."

The Painted Tulip

"I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your company at the Do It Best Market held in Indianapolis. Your company sales rep really helped explain the programs and options of your company. We have always sold "bulk" vegetable seed, nothing else. I have had several customers come in wanting flower seeds, I explained to your Rep that we have only been open a couple of years, that I couldn't "jump in" with a lot of cost, she knew just what to do. We are very happy with the seeds and seed rack."

S. Wasko, Wasko Hardware, Inc.

"I feel like 'Jack' from the beanstalk story.We picked up some of your seeds at the local garden shop. Put them in a nice germination traywith Miracle-Gro potting soil. Plastic top over, in the dormer window. These things are amazing. The Bon Vivant lettuce germinated and were up in 48 hours. I'm not kidding. 48 HOURS! At 5 days they are over 1.5 inches tall! The rest (grape tomatoes, italian basil, tomatillos) have germinated strongly in 5 days or less and are growing like mad. Very good quality product. You are to be congratulated."


"I wanted to take a minute and send my thank you to you and your staff for providing this novice gardener with great products. We spoke yesterday by phone on the meaning of "pole" on the Brandywine tomato packages. We talked about the seeds I have purchased from your company and how wonderful that they ALL come up! I can tell my friends who have opted for the seemingly less costly packets from the large warehouse type or "superstores" that they did not get any bargains that way. I also find the plants, during growth and at maturity, to be sturdier, and to be happy with life here in my amateur garden.

To sum up this rambling I can simply say "Thank you for taking pride in your company, your products, and consequently yourselves for a job well done. I will continue to use your company as my source of seeds and encourage others to do so too!"


"I was really impressed with your selection and I speak as an extreme gardener with literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of packets of seeds in my house. It's hard for me to find seeds I don't already have and you had that! Also, I wanted to tell you I love your seed packet layout. Very clever. I'm telling all my garden friends about you."

C.K., New Jersey

"Hi, I bought some of your seeds in a retail store, and have had such great success with them! I am fairly new to gardening (the actual growing, but been reading for years), and was so happy to have such good germination results. The extensive information on the packages is much appreciated, especially because there is info on growing in warm climates, like here in Central Florida. Thank you for bringing quality to the market, and I will definitely be buying more of your seeds!"

D.K. in Florida

"I wrote you last year about how good your seeds were. This spring when I went to buy my seeds, the garden center no longer carried your seeds so I had to try two other brands. I was very disappointed as my peas, lettuce, and green beans didn't do well. The only lettuce that did do well was an old packet of yours! I found another place that carries your seeds (Wild Oats) and I will definately get them next year! Thanks for making a great product!"

Customer in Ohio

"I just want to note the outstanding customer care. It is a breathe of fresh air!!!! I have been buying your catgrass seeds locally for my kitties for years. So nice to know that the family owned and cared for business is still thriving. Thanks again for the extra special service."


"Thank you again for your very generous package; I am truly overwhelmed. I had a very bad experience last week, the kind that could break a person's faith in people and eliminate any expectation of ever again encountering common decency. Working with you had totally pushed that experience to the dark corners of my mind, I hope to never find again. You and your family ought to be very proud of yourselves and the great organization you have developed and manage. I wish you and Botanical Interests decades of continuing growth and success."


"Forgive me for taking so long to thank you for not only your nice letter but all the enclosed seeds in such an attractive box itself! I did not know you were family owned but your picture on the stationery is lovely and I always do like to support a business that is family owned.

I do want to tell you that the 79 plants out of the 3 packages I planted are doing just like they did 2 years ago. That is, producing very very well with their nice thin French green beans! Had knee surgery last week but the day before I picked 377 of those beautiful green beans. They are steamed lightly as an evening vegetable or just to put in my daily mixed salad. Our oldest son and I do our vegetable garden together so we all share our bounty and with others.

...Your great kindness is appreciated and I will spread the word to other gardeners about a family business that takes a personal interest in their customers!"

L.B. in Michigan

"We have been purchasing your seeds for some years now and the germination power and good quality plants that have been produced are impressive.The packets alone are worth buying. I just had to write! Thank you!!!"


"I wanted you to know how surprised I was with the amount of seeds in the (Nasturtium) packet. And what a surprise I received. You generously sent four packets of Nasturtium seeds (in a variety of colors), and also included packets of sunflower, cosmos, delphinium and zinnia seeds. I am overwhelmed with your gift, and I do thank you. You responded immediately to my e-mail, then rewarded me with your gift.I am an indebted customer, and a life-long one."


"Your seeds are something else!! (Name omitted) and I planted them on Saturday, and yesterday the zinnias sprouted!! I've never seen anything so fast! We can't wait to check on them tonight to see which other ones have sprouted!! She's hoping it will be her tomatoes!!!! She loves them so much!"


"First, a word of thanks for your wonderful seeds! The quality and the presentation have attracted and kept us using your product."


"Between your seeds and a high quality soil, every gardener should have great success, with a bounty of flowers."

P.T., Vermont

"The mixed flower seed packets I use in my 'pots of beauty' in the back yard. They are the best seeds by far I have used in my pots. The Sweet Baby Blues and the Yellow flower mix were beautiful, as we the humming bird mix and the perennial mixes. This year, I may get the tantalizing 'Xeriscape Extreme', to plant into a new beautiful pot I received as a gift for my garden....Thank you for your brand of seed. It is most welcome in my garden. The packet artwork helps me dream of my garden yet to come in May (as I am midwesterner by Chicago)."

V.K. in Illinois

"I purchased some your seed last year at Gardner Supply and I have NEVER had a better crop of tomatoes, cucumbers and a couple of other items. Thank you"

Mrs. M.

"Wow! I am impressed! THIS is Customer Service! Just received my package from you and I could not believe the amount of packages you sent! Thank you very much for your kindness! Of course you also have now a loyal customer, who will spread the word!"

B. VW.