Pea Snap Sugar Snap Organic Seeds (LG)

Pea Snap Sugar Snap Organic Seeds (LG)

Pisum sativum var. macrocarpum

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70 Days. Snap peas are best eaten fresh and there's nothing like picking them right off the vine. No need to shell them; the pods are crisp, sweet and tender! 'Sugar Snap' is an All-America Selections winner that provides an extended harvest of thick, crunchy 3" pods filled with flavorful peas. Green peas are a good source of vitamins A, C, K, and B and iron, folic acid, and many minerals. Vines tolerate some heat. Grow 6'-8' climbing vines on poles or a trellis.

This packet sows up to 33 ft.

Seedling Image

Days to Emerge:
5-10 days

Seed Depth:

Seed Spacing:
2" (yes, 2")

Row Spacing:

Not required

When to sow outside: RECOMMENDED. 4 to 6 weeks before average last frost, when soil temperature is at least 40°F, ideally 60°-80°F. In mild climates, sow in fall or winter for winter harvest. Best grown in temperatures less than 85°F.

When to start inside: Not recommended.

Special germination instructions: Soak seed in water for 12 to 24 hours before sowing; this is not required, but may hasten germination.

Harvesting: Snap peas should be harvested when peas are plump; pick regularly to increase yield. Use scissors to harvest or hold vine with one hand and pick the pods with the other, as the vines are brittle.

Artist: Marjorie Leggitt

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